I am currently writing an America's Next Top Model fanfic and NEED OCS (Original Characters). The form is below and I will notify ya'll when the first chapter is up. The contest ends August 1st. Here is the form with a prologue:

My name is Tyra Banks and I have a big announcement to make! Top Model is back and bigger than ever! This season will pit ce lebrities and normal girls against each other for the title of America's Next Top Model! It's a season full of firsts! It's the first season with huge stars! It's the first season with bigger prizes! And the first season with a mystery contestant who has a big announcement! There will be extremely big judges and bigger stars! Do YOU wanna be on top? We will be holding casting for contestants at the Lincoln Theatre on the corner of Walker Ave. in Malibu. It's open to anyone so come on down! And don't forget to watch the new season of ANTM! It premieres this spring only on Wikia/!

OC Form


Age (15-30):




Headshot (just put a link to a pic of what they look like):

Medical status:




Why you feel you should be America's Next Top Model:

Any other information?:

Get to OCing! Peace Out, Suckaz,MattyAndJenna

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