SFG and I are currently writing a "movie" script, cause at some point it would be kind of cool if we can actually make a "real" "movie" (in like 10-20 years). You can check it out HERE.

Currently SFG does most of the writing (I help her make a few decisions, and vice versa), while I try to find music.

Right now we appreciate any music suggestions, especially for the opening- and end credits. You can also pick between the songs already suggested in the script, if you can't think of anything.

Even if the movie won't be made for at least another 10 years, we will probably still use music from this time cause we're sorta going for a nostalgia thing.

That is it for now, we will keep you guys updated, on here or elsewhere. (I might make an external blog or something)

UPDATE: Okay, so considering this will probably never be an actual movie, we'll might aswell add as many people as possible :D So sign up!

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