Season Episodes Originally aired DVD releases
Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
1 TBA 2013 1xx


Season 1: 2013

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
1 1 "Pilot" 2013 101
Gibby becomes a mentor for middle-schoolers in a recreational center called The Bixby. [1]
2 1 "Missing" 2013 102
Winston is missing and Gibby must find him before the tornado. [2]
3 1 "Girlfriend of Gibby" 2013 103
Gibby develops a huge crush on the "new girl" at The Bixby. [3]
4 1 "104" 2013 104
5 1 "Thief" 2013 105
Gibby tries to catch a local thief stealing everything throughout the state. [4]
6 1 "Wild Goose Chase" 2013 106
Gibby loses his pet wild goose, and must find it before it reaches the president. [5]



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